180:78 feedback ( 2019 )

466:155 feedback ( 2018 )

131:87 feedback ( 2018 )

Visuals by Vaporstack
& Valeria Divinorum
the Park Church Coop
Nov 2018

Distended Cinema
Secret Project Robot
Sept 2017/Jan 2018

Telex ( 2015 )
Audio/visual collaboration
with Jason McCreary
on Cryptic Carousel's
Semiotic Recipes Vol II

LVV001-HK ( 2013 )
Contains low frequency content
inaudible on phone/laptop speakers

under construction...


Dylan A. Marcheschi is a New York based interdisciplinary artist working across a range of audio/visual arts, including film, sound art, expanded cinema, animation, generative video, and psychoacoustics. His work has appeared in a variety of major print and broadcast media. He is a Brooklyn Arts Council 2020 grant recipient.